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10 Rocks of Well-being

Message for the Whole Learning Community at Aurora Academies


Welcome back to another school year, it’s so wonderful to have everyone back in school.  This school year will be different in a number of ways, but our ongoing focus on supporting children and family’s well-being will not be (except the support on offer is growing!!). Well-being is important all the time, but particularly right now in this really complex time.


To help all of us focus on our well-being, two of our Central Team have been working with Andrew at Action Your Potential. Together they have devised a simple programme for our parents, carers, children and staff to develop daily habits which support good mental and physical health.

The programme is called the 10 Rocks and here they are:




To help all of us build our well-being every week over Terms 1 and 2, Andrew from Action Your Potential, Sam Attwater Director of Early Years for Aurora Academies Trust and Nevada Smith, Mental Health and Well-Being Lead for the Trust will be offering weekly opportunities to learn all about the 10 Rocks.  There are lots of ways to get involved!

The best thing of all is that it is not extra, just how you can fit in with all you do!


  • Your children, in early years at first, will be learning about them at school
  • Videos and podcasts to watch/listen to with activities and ideas as well as building an understanding of the importance of the 10 Rocks.
  • Live on-line meetings to discuss, share ideas and get support if needed
  • Ideas sent home to try as a family

To access the 10 Rocks videos each week go to Action Your Potential’s website – and then become a member.  Instructions on how to become a member are here. (and also attached to this email).  Once you’re a member click on the Members page and webinar button and find Aurora Academies at the top.  You will need this password nnaat20, to access each week’s video.

As you will see above we also have web meetings every Thursday in October at 6pm, these are live sessions exploring each of the rocks in detail.  It will be where we answer your questions and give advice, support and examples of activities for you to try with your children themed around the rock of the week.  To join these web meetings, just sign up here.  We take your privacy very seriously and will only use this information to give you access to the well-being support.


Our aim is to help the wonderful children that attend Aurora Academy schools to learn how to build their well-being every day through simple, easy-to-do habits.  We also want to reach out and involve you: our fantastic community with this same support. Come and join in!


We look forward to seeing or hearing from you.


Sam Attwater and Nevada Smith at Aurora Academies


Andrew Wright at Action Your Potential