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Dear Parents and Carers
We hope you have had a happy and healthy Easter and have been able to enjoy the sunshine and some chocolate throughout this period. We have been missing the children and the teachers will continue to contact the children to discuss how they are and to support them with signposting appropriate learning opportunities and there will continue to be some learning tasks set on Purple Mash for those who are able to access them. 
We are aware that many of the children have now completed their learning packs and they are ready for more learning opportunities. Please find attached a selection of online learning opportunities and ideas which have been thoroughly checked by school staff. You will find within these resources an example of a timetable which you may find supportive but we would emphasise that this is only an example and would encourage you to find a routine which works for you and your child. 
We are aware that not all children have access to a computer or tablet to be able to access online learning and within these resources are ideas to support without using an electronic device too. We will collate the responses to the survey monkey and use these to help us plan how to support these children moving forwards.
You will be aware that the BBC have launched their online lessons today and these can be accessed at 
Primary Levels. Ages 3 to 11. New stuff every day! From Monday at 9 o’clock, we’ll bring you new things to do, videos and fun stuff to learn every weekday. More about daily lessons.

BBC director general Tony Hall describes it as "the biggest education effort the BBC has ever undertaken". It includes:

  • Bitesize Daily - six different 20-minute shows, each targeted at specific age groups from five to 14, covering maths, science and English, as well as subjects including history and geography
  • more than 150 new lessons added every week to the Bitesize website and app
  • advice for parents on home-schooling, and guides for pupils with special educational needs
Please also see the government clarification for parents published yesterday: and
Read advice for children of other age groups, and understand which children may still attend school. While staying at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19), parents and carers will be concerned about ...
This document explains how no one expects parents to act as teachers, or to provide the activities and feedback that a school would and provides guidance around structuring the day as well as supporting children with their learning:

Do not worry about trying to maintain a full routine for your child like they had at school. But children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day, even if this is difficult...... generally, you should try to make sure that they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times
  • have regular breaks
  • make time to be active - children are used to regular play at lunch and break times
We would recommend that learning focuses around key skills (reading, writing, maths) and areas of interest to your child and your child's routine includes plenty of exercise and opportunities for talk and wellbeing. Please do not underestimate the learning which can come from playing a board game together, baking a cake together or supporting families with the gardening. We have also included some PHSE learning which may be supportive for your child's wellbeing. 
Public Health England have published guidance for parents to support looking after children's mental health 
Guidance Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
(and for adults guidance on looking after their own mental health too:
We would also like to draw your attention again to e-safety and the importance of setting parental controls and supervising your child when accessing online learning using websites and apps.  Please also see for more support around this.
To help you during COVID-19 and the closure of schools, we will be releasing new activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.
We hope this is supportive for you in this challenging period of school closure and teaching staff will be happy to answer any questions and provide support in their phone calls home or please contact the school office via if you have any queries you would like us to assist with.
Best wishes,
Mrs Crawford