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Term 1

Weeks 5 and 6...

These are the things we have been doing...

Naughty Bus- our transition text

Welcome to Year 1

We have spent our first week together working on our transition text Naught Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. We really enjoyed sharing our homework diaries and discovering all the mischief Bus had gotten into. Thank you to our grown ups for putting up with such a naughty visitor this summer! 


We have created a giant bus and drawn portraits of ourselves in the windows as well as completing our first piece of writing which we have displayed proudly in the corridor.


We have been exploring our new outdoor classroom which we will continue to develop together over the course of this year. Have you heard about our new minibeast hotel? We collected all the resources we needed from our school field and built it together, we plan to observe it as part of our science this year.

Creating our Minibeast Hotel

Bright Lights Big City

History and Geography

This term we are learning about the countries and capital cities that make up the United Kingdom. We will investigate our own capital city London and its landmarks. We will also explore the role of the Queen before holding our own garden party at the end of term. We hope to invite some local councillors and community champions to this event just like the Queen does. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with them! 



Our writing began with a crash and bang! We had to call the police over the weekend and they cordoned off the area safely before the children arrived at school on Monday!

The book our writing will be focused on this term is Beegu by Alexis Deacon.


When Beegu lands on the alien planet Earth and not everyone is kind to her, she finds comfort from a box of puppies and a playground of children. If you are not familiar with the story and would like to be you can listen to it on YouTube or borrow it for free from the local library in Hampden Park.


Over the course of the term we will be writing in role, producing a free verse poem, writing instructions, sending postcards and creating a 'Guide to Earth'.


This book also links to PSHE; exploring relationships, empathy and kindness.

We have started to use our brand new English books this week.

Phonics and Reading

We will be working in small groups every morning for our Phonics and Reading lessons. Our 'Daily Supported Reader' session focus on developing a love of reading. Books are carefully selected for each group twice a week, we will take part in activities linked to these texts. 

We will also take part in a small Read, Write, Inc session tailored to our needs which focuses on phonetic decoding and extended writing.


We love books and make time to share a story together every day after lunch. We hope you will share books with us at home as much as possible!


To begin our Maths this term we will be cementing our understanding of numbers within twenty. We will be learning to read these numbers in both numerals and words before ordering them. We will be finding one more and one less of a given number and counting in twos. 

As the term progresses we will begin to explore addition and subtraction of single digit numbers and the relationship between them.


Maths Meetings 

Maths meetings happen every afternoon. We do a daily count and work on our mental maths through a range of songs and games.



We record our Maths work in Maths books in Year 1.


This term we will be building on our core skills through a range of games which support our gross motor development and listening skills whilst promoting team building. All of our sessions will begin with a warm up where we will explore what is happening to our bodies to get us ready for our session and why this is important.


This term we have P.E on Thursday afternoons. Please ensure all children arrive at school wearing their PE kits on Thursday mornings. Long hair will need to be tied up before school and all earrings should be removed for the day if possible.  PE will be taught outside where possible so please ensure children have PE kit appropriate for the weather. 


This term we are studying Christianity and focusing on the question 'Does God want Christians to look after the world?' We will be exploring the creation story from the Bible and considering how it feels to create something of our own. We will consider how we think the world was created and how our beliefs differ. 


This term in Art we will be exploring mark making using a range of different mediums. Our artist in focus will be Kandinsky. 

Some work by Wassily Kandinsky our focus artist.