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Term 2

Year 4

Term 2 - Writing and Destination Reader. 


This term, we will be using the text ‘Varjak Paw’ by S.F. Said. In this book, a brave cat called Varjak has to try to save his family by learning a variety of special skills! 


In reading, we will continue to work on predicting and inference skills, as well as sustained reading and the ability to locate the answer in the text and use evidence to support their answers. 


In writing, we will create alternative setting descriptions, using the original text to give us ideas. Next, we will make up a new cat villain which could be in the text. Finally, we will use the setting and new character to write an extra chapter. 


We will continue to work through the words from the year 3-4 spelling list. Please practise these words if you can. 




Term 2 - Maths


This term, we will be working on 'solving calculations' and 'arithmetic'. 


The children will be learning how to add and subtract up to 4 digit numbers using a formal written method. They will then apply these skills to help them answer word problems, deciding which operation to use and how to use the inverse to check answers. 


This will move onto an arithmetic unit, looking at place value and how to use that knowledge to multiply and divide numbers by 0, 1, 10 and 100. This will progress to being able to multiply a 2 or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number. 


As always, we will be continuing to work on times table knowledge and being able to quickly recall number facts. We encourage the children to use TTRS and other online sites to support with this. 

Term 2  - Science 


Our topic for Term 2 is 'Animals including humans'. We will focus on the human part this term, thinking about the digestive system and the function of the organs related to this. This will move onto looking at the different types of teeth humans have and how they are used.  

Term 2 - history


Our topic this term is 1066 and how the Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion shaped our local area. We will be looking at the Bayeaux Tapestry and how it tells the story of the event. 


Term 2 - Computing


We will be looking at Internet Safety, using Google Internet Legends. We will understanding how to keep ourselves safe whilst online. 

Term 2 - P.E


In year 4, we have P.E on Mondays and Thursdays. Please can the children remember to wear their P.E kit on those days and make sure they have a bottle of water.