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Term 2

Year 1 Carnival!

English Hummingbird

This term our text is Hummingbird by Nicola Davies. We will be researching facts about hummingbirds and creating non chronological reports about them. We will be working on our note taking and researching skills. We will be watching videos, surfing the web and fact finding in books. The story has some beautiful illustrations.

Cornerstones (Geography, Art & Design) How do Brazilians celebrate carnival?

We are off to Brazil in Cornerstones. We will be learning some Brazilian legends and considering why Brazilians celebrate carnival. We will be exploring what happens during carnival and comparing it to our own bonfire parades. We will be designing our own carnival headbands and making our own instruments. We will be taking part in an exciting Samba band workshop and holding our very own carnival to welcome to winter solstice and celebrate the end of our topic!


In Maths this term we are exploring different methods we can use to support our addition and subtraction skills. Look how confident we have become using ten frames! We will be exploring bar models and part, part whole in the coming weeks. 


In Science we are exploring properties of everyday materials. We have distinguished  between items and the material they are made from and considered similarities and differences between objects. We are looking forward to further exploring the properties of materials. 

A special visitor

We were fortunate enough to be joined by Teri from Creative Force who taught us all about germination and what plants need to grow. We even had a go at planting our own seeds and hope to grow a herb garden in our classroom. 


In PSHE we have been considering what makes us special and how celebrating our differences. We have considered what it means to be a good friend and why this it important.