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Term 3

Next week we will be continuing our topic 'Where do I belong?'. As part of this we are looking at the text 'Blue Penguin' by Petr Horácek. This will build on what we have learnt already through the book 'Lost and Found' We have also been looking at where we live and how we see ourselves.


In school we are really focusing on the correct formation of letters and numbers. Please could you encourage your child to practice at home. 


We are starting to collect a lot of lost property that we would love to return to their owners. Please, please, please ensure that everything that you send in is clearly labelled. Thank you for your support. 

What a busy two weeks!

Reception Curriculum Newsletter – Term 3

In Term 3, our new topic title is;



‘Where do I belong?’


This term we will begin our learning journey by creating ‘Marvellous Me’ boards. To support this please send in a photo of your child as a baby and a recent picture of your child outside their home. (You can email or post photos on Tapestry and we can print them in school.)

Next we will discuss and compare our families. We will talk about family members we live with and ‘extended’ family members.

After that we intend to think about the community we belong to; our friends, our school and our local area.

Finally we will explore where your child’s community is in the world. (Exploring Google Earth, Satnav/ mobile maps and simple maps with your child will support their learning.)

Home Learning Project

We ask that every child completes a project that can be brought into school. For this topic, you could support your child to create;

  • A Family Tree poster using photos so your child can share their work in school.
  • A ‘Marvellous Me’ board. It could chart how your child has grown and changed in photos and could include all their favourite things.
  • A simple map which includes their home, school and other important places to your child visits.
  • A timeline. You could do your child, a parent and a grandparent (or even great grandparent) with their favourite toys or favourite TV programmes.

Your child may wish to come up with their own idea for their home learning project. Your child may wish to complete their project by themselves or need your support in completing their project – either is fine and we look forwarding to see them.

Below are some images to inspire your home-school projects.




Home learning projects should be completed by the week beginning Monday 7th of February.    If you have any questions about the home learning project, please contact your child’s class teacher.


Reading is the single most important skill that children will learn and we expect every child to read at home every day. In Reception, we expect every child to share a book with an adult for a minimum of 10 minutes every day. Your child’s reading book will soon be linked to the sounds they are practising. You also have sound cards to practise and put together to make simple C.V.C. words. Reading takes on many forms and can happen just about anywhere, including the reading of labels and signs, and in magazines and comics. Parents and carers should record the daily reading activity in your child’s reading record.


We hope your child enjoyed Term 2 and is excited to begin their new topic in Term 3.