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Term 3


We urge you to share a book and listen to your child read as often as possible. Just 5 - 10 minutes a day will really help your child progress more quickly with their reading. Your child's reading record will be checked weekly and if they have read four times or more each week they will be taking part in a special treat at the end of term!

The children will be bringing home two books a week from Read, Write Inc and these can be read alongside books, magazines and other reading material you have at home.


As well as writing each day in Read, Write Inc we will also be doing lots of writing through our History Topic. We have started the term by writing a diary extract as if we were Florence Nightingale.

Please continue to help your child practise spelling the common exception words for year 1 and 2.


This term we are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction. We are using our number bonds to 10 to help us when we add and subtract larger numbers up to 100. In class we often work practically using tens frames to support our learning.

Please continue to help your child practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s so they can increase the fluency of their times tables.


In Science this term we are learning about Living Things and Their Habitats. In week one, we had a very muddy walk around our school field and looked for things that were living, dead or had never lived. We thought about places where plants would grow best.


We will be finding out how different living things adapt to their environment and researching habitats around the world. We will also be finding out how energy travels through food chains.


This term we will be learning about the similarities and differences between Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell and the causes and consequences of their actions. Please see our Knowledge Organiser for more information.


We have been finding out about ways we can help each other learn. We are setting our own targets and thinking about ways to practise and reach our goals. This links to our school values of RESILENCE and being ASPIRATIONAL.



We are learning about the meaning of RESPECT and how we can show respect to others. We will be focussing on the Jewish festival of Passover and the Seder Meal. We will find out more about how Jewish people show respect to God and their worship.


We are learning all about the orchestra in our music lessons and next we will focus on Peter and the Wolf.

Please click on the link to find out more about the different orchestral sounds.



We are using 2Calculate on Purple Mash to create spreadsheets. We are learning to use different tools to make our own counting machines!