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Term 3

Destination Reader:


Our text this term is 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. During reading sessions, we will discuss the vocabulary used and will make predictions about what might happen next. The children will read with a partner and will work together to answer comprehension questions about the text in the Friday 'Big Picture' session. 


We will also be working on our reading fluency by practising reading out loud like an author, not a robot! The children will re-read the same short text each day, building up to being able to read it with expression and understanding. 


The children are all working towards collecting 4 signatures a week in their reading record so they can be entered into the termly reward activity. They can earn a signature in DR lessons by demonstrating excellent learning behaviours and for showing a good understanding of the text. 




Using the text Kensuke's Kingdom, the children will complete 3 main writing tasks this term. The first task is to write a persuasive letter from Gran, who does not want the family going on a sailing trip around the world. Once we have worked together on Gran's letter, the children will independently write a reply, pointing out all of the positive reasons for going on this adventure! We will then read some list poems that follow the same theme: 10 things found in a wizard's pocket and 10 things found in a shipwrecked sailors pocket. We will use adjectives to describe these items and will create our own list poem. The final task will be a piece of non-fiction writing about sea animals, thinking about headings, paragraphs and using technically, scientific language. 


Alongside this, we will be practising the words from the year 3/4 word list in daily spelling sessions. 




Our focus in maths this term will be calculations and place value. We will be looking at multiplying multiples of 10 and how to use knowledge you already have to help you (if you know 7 x 8, do you know 70 x 8?). We will then explore methods of multiplication, working from creating arrays with counters, to using a grid method, to an expanded formal method, ending with the children being able to use an effective, compact method. We will then apply this understanding through word problems.


The children are also working weekly on times table practise and arithmetic papers. The children should be accessing Times Tables Rock Star to consolidate their rapid recall on their multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. 




In science, we have been learning about electricity and circuits. The children have had the opportunity to make circuits, using bulbs and buzzers to see how a circuit must be complete for it to work. They have looked at items that require electricity and have investigated why some circuits don't work and what would need to change to make them work. 


History - Traders and Raiders:


We will be learning about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings using the conceptual question of 

'What were the similarities and differences between Anglo-Saxon and Viking life?' We will research elements of life, such as transport, housing, religion etc and will be looking at the similarities and differences between the two groups of people. We will understand the difference between invaders and settlers and what impact they had on life in England. 


P.E - Gymnastics: (taught by Sportitude coaches)


The focus this term is on gymnastics and the children will work on the following areas: travelling, making shapes, rolling, group balances and finally putting together a sequence to demonstrate these skills. 


Art - drawing and sketching:


We will be exploring sketching skills and how to use our pencil to draw and shade objects, looking carefully at size and shape. We will then be using treasures found in the Sutton Hoo ship burial as inspiration for some Anglo Saxon creations. 


R.E - Buddism:


We will be exploring the question 'Is it possible for everyone to be happy?'



Music - Recorders: (taught by Miss Dalton, Director of Music)


The children will continue with learning to play the recorder. Alongside this, they will be looking at how we read music and where notes appear on a stave. 


PSHE - based on a theatre show performance 


The children were lucky and got to watch an online performance of  'The Red Tree.'  Our PSHE work will be based around the story told, looking into mindfulness and well being.