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Term 3

Destination Reader:


Our text this term is 'Charlotte's Web' by E.B. White. During reading sessions, we will discuss the vocabulary used and will make predictions about what might happen next. The children will read with a partner and will work together to answer comprehension questions about the text in the Friday 'Big Picture' session. 


We will also be working on our reading fluency by practicing reading out loud like an author, not a robot! The children will re-read the same short text each day, building up to being able to read it with expression and understanding. 


The children are all working towards collecting 4 signatures a week in their reading record so they can be entered into the termly reward activity. 




Using the text Charlotte's Web, the children will complete 3 main writing tasks this term. The first task is to create a farming website for a new children's farm located on the school field. They will use their knowledge of website features and their developing understanding of farming to complete this task.


Next, the children will be using their prediction skills to plan and write a chapter of Charlotte's Web. The children will be trying to complete this in the style of E.B.White taking into account the characters and using similar and appropriate descriptive language.


For the final piece of writing this term, the children will be taking part in debates. They will understand and create a balanced argument on "Should Mr. Zuckerman kill Wilbur?". 




Our focus in maths this term will be place value and the main four operations (division, multiplication, addition, subtraction) with a focus on written methods. Towards the end of the term, the children will be exploring shape and identifying and locating angles on a variety of different shapes. 


The children are also working weekly on times table practice and arithmetic papers. The children should be accessing Times Tables Rock Star to consolidate their rapid recall of their multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. 




In science this term we are learning about 'Living things and their habitats. The children will cover:

The differences in the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects, and birds.

Describe the life process and reproduction in some plants and animals. 


History - Rainforest Realms:


We will be learning about the ancient Mayan civilisation with a focus on the key question 'What were the causes of the end of the ancient Mayan civilisation?' As historians, we will be identifying where the Mayan civilisation began and studying elements of Mayan culture including their religious beliefs, inventions, and trade.


P.E - Dance: (taught by Sportitude coaches)


The focus this term is on dance and the children will work on the following areas: rhythm, choreography, creating patterns, using space, and creating a performance. 


The children from 5NS will be taking part in their swimming lessons this term.  


D.T. - Textiles:


We will be exploring sewing skills and learning how to do a running stitch, backstitch, and blanket stitch. The children will experiment with using stitches to create simple embroidery patterns to design their own fabric bookmark. 


R.E - Sikhism:


We will be exploring the question 'Are Sikh stories still relevant today?'



Music - Composition: (taught by Miss Dalton, Director of Music)


The children will continue with learning to play the ukelele. Alongside this, they will be looking at how we read music and where notes appear on a stave.