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Term 3

English Reading


In our Destination Reader sessions this term we will be focusing on two books that link directly to our Science and History learning. Our first book, a non-fiction text called 'The street beneath my feet' by Charlotte Guillian connects to our Science learning about 'Rocks' and tells us what is beneath our feet and under the ground. It informs us about the different layers of the earth and the different rocks and fossils we can find underground.

Our second book links to our History learning about Rome and is also a non-fiction text. This book is called, 'How to train like a Roman gladiator' by Anita Ganeri and it follows the life of a Roman gladiator, from being bought as a slave to the glory of the arena!

English writing

In our writing sessions this term, we will be using the book 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Ballit as a stimulus to promote writing that involves expanded noun phrases, personification, Haiku poetry and newspaper reports. We are also going to extend our writing sessions by including cross-curricular writes that link to our learning in PSHE and History.


Generalising Arithmetic and Exploring Shape

This term in maths, we will be developing our use of formal calculation methods by advancing our use of column methods in both addition and subtraction. We will also be strengthening our knowledge of problem solving and reasoning.

After this, we will revisit our Year 2 learning of shapes and develop our skills in recognising, finding and making turns with angles. 




This term in Science, we will be exploring rocks by finding out which different types of rocks there are, how they are formed, how they form soil, the different uses for soil and fossilisation. We will also practically investigate the permeability of soil and record our findings from different research questions as well.


When in Rome!

In terms 3 and 4, we are learning all about the Romans.

Our focus this term is History and we will be looking to answer our concept question, 'What was the impact of the Roman invasion on British lives?' To do this, we will be concentrating on key knowledge and skills which help us to recognise cause and consequence, and leadership.

We will follow a timeline of when the Romans first invaded Britain to when it became a large part of the Roman Empire. We will also learn about the different things the Romans brought to Britain, Roman religion and how the British people reacted to these different things at the time.



This term in PE, we are working with Sportitude to learn a new dance and create our own choreography to a song from 'The Greatest Showman'.