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Term 4



English (includes reading and writing)

We will be reading Tulip Touch by Anne Fine.

This text introduces a discussion about nature versus nurture as the characters develop. We will continue to develop our reading stamina and practise comprehension questions.

We will be writing a discussion, a non-chronological report in the style of a voiceover and a folk tale in the style of the Just So stories.


We will develop our understanding of percentages then cover topics from the following areas: ratio and proportion, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics. We will also continue to practise learning strategies for answering mental arithmetic questions.

Design Technology

This term’s project is food technology. As part of this unit we will be designing, making and evaluating a range of savoury and sweet scones. 


Evolution and inheritance 

We will learn about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. We will also be investigating how plants and animals are adapted to their natural environments. 


Earth, Space: The Final Frontier

We will be learning about the Earth and considering the key question: ‘Why do people live in areas where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes happen?’ As geographers, we will cover the concepts of location, place and global.

Music (taught by Miss Dalton, Director of Music)

Hans Zimmer

This term pupils will:

-Compose music to accompany a film

-Listen to a range of music inspired by the environment

-Understand the history of environmental protest and the part music has played

-Think about what ‘environment’ and ‘earth’ means to you 

PE (taught by Sportitude coaches)


This term’s areas of learning include travelling, rolling/rotation, flight and landing, shapes and balances and sequences. Pupils will present in groups then self evaluate their and others’ work.


Healthy me

Our learning this term is about Drug and Alcohol Education - managing risk. The lesson themes are medicine, legal and illegal drugs and influences and pressure. A wide range of activities will be used to provide pupils with knowledge about decision making.

Religious Education


We will be investigating the question ‘Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on earth? ’ using the concept of salvation.


Web page creation

We will learn how to create a web page for a chosen purpose. We will identify what makes a good web page and use this information to design and evaluate our own websites using Google Sites.

Home learning

DAILY READING - every pupil has a green reading record which they are expected to keep up to date with the texts they read. There is a space for parents and carers to comment or sign. Pupils that consistently have four signatures across a week (Wednesday to Wednesday)will be invited to a reading reward at the end of each term. In Term 3 the reward was to play games during curriculum time. Pupils may bring home a book from the class library or the Accelerated Reader library. Every pupil should have an Accelerated Reader book in school at all times.  

Home learning can consolidate learning in class, provide opportunities for further study, develop links with parents and families and encourage independence in pupils. We are aware that secondary schools will expect pupils to be well organised and prepared so we aim to provide our pupils with the chance to learn these habits in Year 6.

A paper based home learning task that consolidates learning in class is set every Friday and is due on the following Wednesday. The task should take no longer than 20 minutes in total. It is reviewed in class with the pupils so questions can be answered and misconceptions addressed.

Pupils have access to myON (reading), Times Tables Rock Stars (multiplication facts) and Purple Mash (different curriculum areas). Login details can be found in reading records.



The Year 6 PE days are Wednesdays. Please come to school wearing your PE kit. 


Here is the PE uniform:

Plain black sweatshirts/jumper (or school jumper/hoodie instead)

Black shorts

Plain black jogging bottoms

White t-Shirt

Black trainers or plimsolls

All PE uniform is to be plain. No sports clothing