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Term 5


This term we will be reading our focus text 'Arthur, High King of Britain', written by Michael Morpurgo. The children will be using the text to support their independent writing. First, they will be focusing on honing their descriptive writing skills (characters and settings), describing the sword Excalibur being pulled from the stone. They will also be writing their own chapter of the story, creating an exciting new tale of heroic knights and fantastic creatures. 


Destination Reader

The children will be reading 'Arthur, High King of Britain' in our daily class reading sessions. They will be developing their fluency and expression in reading, expanding their vocabulary and answering questions about the story. In DR, the children develop a range of reading comprehension strategies such as summarising events, clarifying the meaning of new words and phrases, and making predictions about what will happen next.



At the start of Term 5, we will continue to develop pupils' understanding of money before moving on to investigating negative numbers and revisiting written methods for multiplication and division.



Our Science unit for Term 5 is 'Properties and changes of materials'. The children will develop their understanding of solids, liquids and gases, investigate dissolving materials to form a solution and experiment with filtering, sieving and evaporating to separate solutions.


History topic 

Over the term the children will be learning about 'Brilliant Buildings'. We will be linking this to our Term 6 geography topic on 'Lovely Landscapes', using the local area to enhance learning and bring the subject to life. We plan to visit Eastbourne Pier, focusing on similarities and differences from when it was built to the present day. The children will develop their historical understanding through understanding how this building and its use has changed over time.


Design & Technology 

The focus for D.T. will be on building structures. They will apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures to build a bridge or pier structure. 



In term 5 the children will be learning about 'Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing'.


Religious Education 

The focus will return to Sikhism and how Sikhs can show their commitment to God.



In preparation for Sports day, the children will be undertaking lessons to improve their athletic skills. They will focus on running, jumping and throwing.

P.E. in Year 5 is on a Thursday and children need to come to school appropriately dressed in a school P.E. kit. As the weather gets warmer, it is important to ensure that children have a water bottle, and that sunscreen is applied before school on sunny days.