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Term 5


This term in maths, we are continuing to use the NCTEM recovery resources in connection with the National Curriculum to develop our mathematical reasoning and understandings around number, place value and a secure knowledge in mental mathematics.

We will focus on multiplication and division as well as time. 



We ask that the children are reading at least 3 times a week using the Read Write Inc books that are provided on Monday and Wednesday. These books are based on your child's current reading ability to decode the text we have given. We also encourage you to do as much reading to your children using a range of different text to help build on their love reading. 



Over this term we will be focusing materials and looking at their properties as well as their function. We will also be looking at where different materials come from and which materials would make the best shield for a knight defending a king or queen in the castle linking with this terms history topic. 




This term we will be focusing on history our topic will be called "Who's the king of the castle".  Our big concept questions will be Why do Kings and Queens live in castles? In order to answer this question we will be looking in great detail about who are the leaders in history and what makes castles special when defending against enemies. 




We will be focusing on colour mixing and printing within art this term to create unique pieces of art work. Over the course of the term we will be leading up to a big art project to show off our amazing skills we have built.