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Term 5

How to wash a woolly mammoth!

Reading and Writing

This term we are reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage.

We are making predictions, planning and writing what happens next and writing our own instructions for disgusting sandwiches!



In Maths we are learning about fractions. We are finding out how to work out half, quarter, a third and three quarters of a shape and an amount.

Next we will be moving onto money and finding total amounts and working out change. Please help your child to recognise different coins and use money when you are at home and out shopping.

We are continuing to revisit our times tables and addition and subtraction regularly.


Our new topic is War and Peace and our concept question is How did William lead his team to victory?

We will be learning about the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and finding out the Norman Invasion and the meaning of civilisation.



Our learning this term is about Plants. We will be sowing our own seeds and making close observations of how the seeds change as they grow into plants. We will be thinking about the best conditions for plant to grow in.


For term 5 we will begin by continuing our Carnival of the Animals topic, with a focus on following a score and then move onto an introduction to basic rhythm notation. 



In computing we are learning about Robot Algorithms. We are starting by following and giving instructions to one another. Then we will be creating different algorithms for a floor robot.