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Term 1

Year 3

Term 1 Cornerstones


Through the Ages

History, Geography, Art and Design


This term, our topic is 'Through the Ages' which focuses on history throughout pre-historic Britain. We will investigate how times changed as the ages moved between the Stone Age onto the Bronze and Iron ages.

To help us understand how people used to live, we will create timelines of important events and even have a fire on the field to cook as Stone Age people once did.

The children will be learning about changes to people and lifestyle caused by ingenuity, invention and technological advancement.



Term 1 Reading 


This term our key text will be 'The Stone Boy'. This book will be linked to our topic 'Through the Ages' as it transports the reader back to the Stone Age with an engaging narrative alongside factual information. We have also chosen fiction texts with humorous takes on Stone Age living:



Term 1 Maths 


In maths this term, we will be revisiting our learning about number and place value from Year 2. We will further our learning by moving onto using various representations such as arrow cards, place value counters and hundred blocks in dienes, and will use this support our understanding of partitioning 3 digit numbers.



We will also continue to practise our times tables by having weekly quizzes and daily Maths Meetings.

Please support your child by practising their 2, 5, 10 times tables.

The links below may be useful to help support with some extra practise!



Term 1 Science 


This term in Science, our focus topic is 'Animals, including humans'. In this topic, we will learn about nutrition, muscles, bones and joints and conduct research in order to answer questions about how to have a healthier life style.


Term 1 P.E. 


This term, the children will be having two P.E. sessions per week, so need to come to school in their P.E. kit on both Wednesdays and Fridays.

We will be linking our learning to our science topic and using this to consider how we can have fitter and healthier lifestyles.

Our main focuses will be circuit training, team building activities and invasion games.