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PE & Sportitude

PE and Sportitude


What Is Sportitude?


Sportitude was originally a name thought up by the pupils at Heron Park several years ago. At this stage there was a heavy focus on using sport to promote positive life traits through sport.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Heron Park is the proud recipient of back-to-back School Games Gold Awards and the name Sportitude remains. We, of course continue to use PE as a method of encouraging teamwork, fairness, honesty and all the other wonderful life skills that sport teaches, but PE has become part of the fabric of the school and our efforts have been equalled by our achievements.


Over the last two years, Heron Park has entered teams into over 25 area sports competitions and festivals. Some of these are participation only (non-competitive), but of those that were competitive, our teams have won 5 local area championships and 4 regional finals and qualified for 5 county finals and enjoyed numerous top-3 finishes! The highlights being our U9s (Y3/4) Girls winning the Premier League Cup East Sussex Football Tournament and our Girl’s Cricket team finishing runners-up in the South Downs area Y6 competition despite most of the team only being in Y4.


Curriculum Time PE


Each class receives one Sportitude lesson per week, delivered by Mr. Griffiths. In addition to this, all KS2 classes have a PE lesson with their class teacher and will receive 3 blocks of 6 weeks of swimming lessons during their time at the Academy.


The KS2 pupils’ Sportitude lessons are heavily focused on team sports and ball games, with a term of Athletics towards the end of the year in preparation for our amazing annual sports days. The curriculum delivered by Mr. Griffiths is focused on learning and practising the sports that feature in the local area sports competitions such as Football, Hockey, Cricket, Netball and Tennis. The lessons also act as a constant opportunity for children to showcase their skills and physical abilities and those that impress are offered scholarship places at the after-school team-training clubs.


KS1 children have PE lessons that are focused on developing skills whilst instilling an early love of sports and games. When young children enjoy and become engaged in sports from the very early days, it is likely that they will forge a life-long positive relationship with sports and a healthy life-style. If by the time the pupils reach KS2, they ally a love of sport with a solid range of skills, it is likely that they will develop into highly competent sportspeople by the time they move onto secondary education. And hopefully they will also win multiple area-sports titles while they are with us at Heron Park!


Clubs and Scholarships


One of the many reasons that Heron Park is a Gold standard, is the number of children that regularly attend after-school sports clubs. We currently have 12 different clubs, offering 10 different activities ranging from Football and Cricket to Cheerleading and Ballet. The team-training clubs are open to all KS2 children, whilst there are Football, Tennis and “Silly-Fun Sports and Games” clubs available to KS1 pupils. The four dance and performance clubs are open to pupils of all ages.


Through our PE Premium allocation, which the government is funding through the recently introduced sugar tax, we also offer part-funded scholarship places for the team-training KS2 clubs and the KS1 football club.


These places are offered to those children who display talent and enthusiasm towards a particular sport.

Scholarship places are offered twice yearly- in September and February and are for 15 weeks of training across 3 consecutive terms. Occasionally we may offer scholarship places part-way through a course if a child has displayed astonishing progress in their PE lessons or if a place becomes available when a current attendee is no longer able to continue.


A full guide to the sports and dance clubs is shown in the “Sports & Dance Clubs” section of the website and all clubs available to your child(ren) are available through your ParentPay account.