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Science at Heron Park is planned and taught with the aim to ensure our children are engaged, enthused and excited about science.

Our lessons are predominantly practical and through our carefully designed science curriculum, our children are encouraged to develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding, while increasing their curiosity about natural wonders, the world we live in and outer space.

By providing high quality science education that directly follows the National Curriculum, children at Heron Park are taught to recognise how science can be used to explain what is happening, make predictions about how things might change, and investigate different possibilities.

This term


Year 1 are learning all about Everyday Materials

Year 2 are investigating Uses of Everyday Materials

Year 3 are exploring Light

Year 4 are finding out about Animals, including Humans

Year 5 are studying Forces

Year 6 are investigating Animals, including Humans


Please see our Curriculum Progression link below to find out more about what we will all be learning in each topic.

Science Progression at Heron Park

Primary Science National Curriculum