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The Importance of Writing

Writing is an important part of all of our lives. Writing is a skill that allows us to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with those around us. However, it is more than just a practical tool, it’s also a creative outlet that allows us to express ourselves and share our unique perspectives with the world.  For children to become successful writers, they have to secure several skills including transcription (handwriting, spelling and typing), text generation (ideas, words and sentence construction) as well as other executive skills (attention, planning, monitoring and reviewing).  



By the time that our pupils leave Heron Park, we want them to be curious, confident and ambitious writers. We aim to enthuse and inspire our children to become confident at communicating across all subjects using their acquired skills.  Our central aim is to develop enjoyment and passion in writing.


Our Approach

To best meet the needs of our pupils in writing, we provide high quality stimuli that grow our children’s writing diet, ensuring that they have opportunities to write for different purposes.
We offer daily writing lessons, of at least forty-five minutes, that build towards a published outcome, over the course of a two week unit. Throughout each unit, imagination, independence, compositional understanding, presentation and writing stamina are fostered.
Our writing lessons are taught whole class, with our less confident writers being supported/ scaffolded effectively to access the same text/stimuli and our rapid graspers being provided with opportunities to extend and develop their authorial skill-set with greater independence and control.
A range of stimuli (considering diet of rich texts, contextual topic links and other stimuli) are used to ensure high pupil engagement.


Writing Progression Guide