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Children learn in different ways and at different levels. Sometimes our children may need additional help, either to overcome a learning difficulty or to make sure that the curriculum fully extends

Miss Smith is our SENCo and works closely with parents and staff to provide support for our SEND children.






What is SEN?

To reach their full potential some children need extra support, especially those who find learning challenging. These children may struggle with:

  • Following lessons
  • Controlling their emotions
  • Their sensory or physical needs
  • Reading, writing and maths
  • Interacting with both adults and their peers
  • Expressing themselves

All of these can be a barrier to learning.

Depending of the level of need, a child may receive the following support;

SEN Support

This describes the extra help given to a child to enable

them to access the curriculum. It may include:

     ● Extra support within the classroom

     ● Small group or one to one learning

     ● Support from outside professionals, like Speech and Language therapists

 EHC Plans

These are for children with more complex needs. It involves a formal request for assessment, from either the school or from parents, to the Local Authority.


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